Q. Can I volunteer?

A. YES! All positions from Executive Committee, General Committee, Coaches, Team Managers, Duty Day Roles etc are volunteer positions, everyone is welcome. We are constantly looking for new helpers and welcome all offers of assistance.

Contact Narelle on 0408123394 for more details.

Q. When will my child train?

A. This is yet to be determined and is dependent on the availability of coaches and court bookings.  This information will be provided as soon as teams are established and coaches appointed.

Q. What time will my child be playing on a Saturday?

A. Times are determined by the Macedon Ranges Netball Association and are not confirmed until all teams are entered by all association clubs.

Q. Can my child play with her friends?

A. Junior teams (U9’s and U11’s) are given the option to provide a couple of friend’s names. The Junior Team Coordinator then ensures each player has at least one friend in their team. Senior teams are graded into their ability, friendship groups are not factored in this process.

Q. My child’s friends play in a different age group can they play with them?

A. No. However, we will accept requests for special consideration if there are substantial reasons.

Q. Can my son play?

A. Yes. U9, U11, U13 and U15 are all a mixed competition.  Possums Netball Club currently have boys participating in various age groups and encouraged to join. U17 is female only. 

Q. When will Possum registrations open?

We plan to have registrations open on the 31st of January.  A registration email will be sent shortly.

Q. My child was registered in 2020.  I elected to have my 2020 fees rollover to 2021, how do I register?

A. Once registrations are open you will be provided with two links, one for New Members not registered in 2020 and one for Returning 2020 Members. 

Q. Who plays Finals and when will they be?

A. Only the senior teams U13, U15, & U17 participate in the finals. Finals dates are 28th of August, 4th of September and 11th of September.  U9’s and U11’s do not participate in finals, the 21st of August is the final game day for these age groups.

Q. How do I purchase a uniform/merchandise?

A. All orders can be placed via our shopping cart on our website.

Q. How do I register my child for Net Set Go?

A. We are finalising details due to COVID requirements and will distribute the information ASAP. Keep the 16th of February free at this stage.

Q. How do I stay up to date with Possums News?

A. We do have a website that covers general information; however, we use Facebook to keep our members up to date on current news.


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